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Usage Rights Single Usage Annual Usage Permanent Usage
Basic price per Address
for the postal address: Company name, street & house no., resp. post box, postal code, town
- - -
Surcharge for additional services per hit
  • Selection according to size resp. positioning
  • Additional criteria as an extra data field
  • Contact person (1st management level)
  • Telephone, fax, email (each without opt-in)
- - -
Base fee per order
for data selection and digital delivery of addresses pertaining to one country

Included additional services

  • Delivery (data transfer) within 1-5 working days
  • Geographical selection if desired (within one country, where possible)
  • Additional line option (e.g. "attn. management" or "purchasing management")
  • Sorting option (standard sorting according to postal code and company in asc. order)
  • Delivery free of duplicates and overlapping contents


All prices are in Euro and do not include legal VAT, valid until 31.12.2024. For addresses from our partner-network as well as all further countries we charge individual calculated prices. We exclusively deliver to commercial customers and not to private consumers. The quantity delivered may vary due to current updating and order-related, internal dublicate matching. Overlaps between target groups have not yet been considered in the numbers of addresses. When matching with external address stock, the net amount is charged according to the matching log (according to DDV standard) (minimum rate of charge: 75% of the delivery quantity considering a minimum of 5.000 addresses; in case of smaller orders there will be charged the delivery quantity).

Single use

This license allows you to use the address data supplied once. Be it for sending out your latest catalog or a simple mailing.

Annual use

With the annual usage license, you can use the address data supplied for a whole year - as often as you like.

Permanent use

The permanent use license allows you to use the address data supplied for your own use for an unlimited period of time.

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These quantities represent an extraction from our number of data. Send us your request for more detailed selections in your desired region and business sector.

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