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Sustained Economic Growth

Acquiring new customers? Increasing your sales? Raising market share?
Absorbing losses of old customers?...
Lasting growth in all B2B markets is unthinkable without the acquisition
of new customer data:

  • Targeted acquisition of new customers
  • Effective back office support
  • Improvement of field service efficiency
  • Increased visitors due to targeted trade fair invitations
  • Success in mail order selling & direct marketing
  • Rapid implementation of new products
  • Gradual expansion in new areas and countries
  • Position stabilisation in your home markets
  • Absorption of losses arising from old customers

Coverage and Segmentation

An extensive database of 35 billion addresses, covering the complete market as far as possible, forms the basis of resounding success in the comprehensive market development in the desired countries.
Addresses, which posses a respectively high purchasing potential and can be precisely selected, form the core of every highly efficient and therefore successful acquisition of new customers in the focused target groups.


Selection of our record counts for the most common business sectors